Shiwangandu MP Chibamba offcially leaves PF

Shiwangandu MP Chibamba offcially leaves PF


Patriotic Front Shiwangandu Member of Parliament Celestino Chibamba has officially resigned from the opposition PF to join the ruling MMD.

Chibamba is one of the MPs who are opposed to the way Michael Sata runs PF and were suspended from the party. He has been an MP since 1991.

Major Chibamba’s resignation comes barely a week after Mufulira Central MP Marjorie Mwape ditched the opposition party to join the MMD.

Major Chibamba says he has resigned from the PF because the party and its leadership of Mr Sata have nothing to offer to the country.

He says the country cannot risk putting the leadership mantle in Sata’s hands because the PF leader is petty and is too preoccupied with crticising the development of President Banda.

Major Chibamba says he has joined the MMD because President Rupiah Banda has demonstrated a clear vision of developing the country as seen in the last few years.

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