Shoprite Checkers deceiving consumers over imported potatoes

Shoprite Checkers is attempting to deceive consumers by purporting that the potatoes in their shops are purchased from local farmers, when they are in fact imported from South Africa.
The pack of potatoes being sold in the Manda Hill outlet is boldly printed “Product of South Africa”. But to create a false impression that they are supporting local farmers, Shoprite have overlaid a white “Proudly Zambian” sticker to cover the label “Product of South Africa.”
But stupidly, the pack of potatoes has a visible address of the South African supplier of the product. How a “Proudly Zambian” product is supposed to have a physical address in Braamfontein defies basic logic.
It is common knowledge that South African shops operating in Zambia sell many imported products, some of which can be sourced from the local market.
So it is not clear whom Shoprite think they are trying to deceive.
We hope bodies such as the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission will move in and sort out this mischief.

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