Shoprite’s Expired Chickens

Dear Editor,

I will appreciate if my name is withheld. I am a student at one of the
colleges in Lusaka.

On Friday, 7 June 2013, I asked my roommate to
escort me to buy some foodstuffs.

It was 18:15 hours and I was in a hurry as
I wanted to buy the foodstuffs in Shoprite before it closed for the
day. I budgeted to buy 2 Kg chicken pieces at KR40.
We rushed into the supermarket in time.

We found 2 Kg chicken pieces
at KR26.99. I was surprised to find 2 Kg pegged at that amount.

before I could pick a pack, my roommate told me to hold on as he
checked the expiry day on the packs. We later discovered that the
expiry dates on the packs had been removed by tearing the part where
the expiry date is printed.

It explained why the price of the chicken
 pieces was so low. Shoprite placed expired food on their shelves.
Where are the health inspectors?

Disappointed Student.

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