Shorprite, Zambia Sugar , Indo continue funding PF

Shorprite, Zambia Sugar , Indo continue funding PF

Shorprite, Zambia Sugar PLC and Indo Zambia Bank are among named corporate organizations that have pledged about $10 million funding to the opposition PF.

The named companies believe that PF policies were better than the policies being put up by the UPND government. The said companies which are run by PF cadres have come up with a complex web of funding PF but the most visible one is running expensive full page adverts in PF newspapers especially Daily Nation. By running full paged, full color adverts in the PF newspaper, the named companies are channeling money to PF by pretending to be doing business. Daily Nation is a small publication with less than 1000 copies circulated everyday and mainly within Lusaka. Zambia Sugar, Indo Zambia Bank, Shorprite and other companies are shunning advertising in government newspapers which have bigger circulations and when they do advertise in these government newspapers, they delay payments.

During the reign of PF, the Daily Nation was printed using government facilities ( printers, newsprint and ink for free) at Times of Zambia and was distributed using Times of Zambia vehicles to all parts of the country . All government departments were forced to subscribe (pay for copies in advance).

This abuse of government resources was curtailed immediately the UPND assumed power but so far now one has been made to account for this.
The corporate organizations such as the ones mentioned above have continued funding the PF newspaper just like they did during PF reign of terror.

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