Short people, 12 points to become a regular soldier!

Short people, 12 points to become a regular soldier!

When recruiting soldiers, why do they segregate short people ? Men must be 1.8 meters tall while women should be 1.57, why, why.
But I have seen very short soldiers around

Disgruntled 1.5 male youth


Dear Zambian Watchdogs please post for me on your page

To be honest the 12 points requirements for the recruitment for defense personnels is too much we need people to advocate for us. it’s not that we a dull but it’s not fair to the majority of the youths.

Are defense personnels better than medical personnels, engineers etc?

When applying for teaching, medical programs, you only require 5 credits or better which is over 24 points to be accepted at the University.

How special are regular defense personnels to require 12 points. The last time they recruited in 2012 the requirements were 24 points or better but how did they arrive at 12 points in 2020. For me I have 10 points in both maths and English.

Ifyabupubafye fyeka fyeka this is not fair

Ba Youth let’s protests. We have waited for this opportunity for years now it can’t just pass us like this.

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