Shortage of doctors in Ndola and Kitwe

Doctors becoming increasingly tired due to acute shortage of intern doctors at Ndola and Kitwe Central Hospitals

Dear editor,

I would be grateful if you provided me the opportunity to be heard by Lungu’s government which has intentionally ignored to recruit Junior Doctors which constitute the main support force and backbone for medical practice in the above mentionned public institutions.
The patient to doctor ratio is currently high than internationally accepted standard, such that any resignation or absence would be drastic and may result in deaths due to limited patients care.
Excessive efforts make it hard for doctors to treat patients with compassion and respects. In light of evidence, this is simply unacceptable. Numerous studies (as well as commonsense) indicate that doctors technical skills are compromised when they are overwhelmed with work. It is unfortunate that at this time and age our people are dying because of poor or lack of health service delivery.
What has gone wrong with our Public Health system, and for how long will the crisis linked to the shortage of health workers be part of our Public health system? PF government needs to stop this mass murder of our people due to lack of health personnel in those Facilities.
All the efforts put in toward the MoH with a view to set back this critical situation in hospitals seems to fall on the government’s deaf ear which more over wish to maintain this crisis as part of its legacy.

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