Show PF a vote of no confidence- HH tells bye-election voters

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says Livingstone and Mpongwe voters should send a strong signal to the rest of the country that Zambians were not ready for a one party again and time to mature our democracy was long overdue.

Mr. Hichilema said the nation was hungry for men and women of integrity from the voters to the leaders themselves but not succumbing to bribery and deceit perpetuated by the current PF regime.

He said he was aware that PF were in a full gear to bribe voters in various areas of the country where induced bye-elections were taking place but time was now that people should never be cheated again as doing so was not only treacherous but against Godly principals.

The UPND leader said his teams were on the ground but called on the voters in the various wards and constituencies where voting is taking place to remain peaceful but vigilante so that their votes are not stolen.

He said no matter how long the Zambians exercise patience on the PF government promises even way after their 90 famous days slogan, nothing will be achieved under this regime because they were cursed from the word go for being deceitful, especially against the innocent youthful Zambians.

He said any progressive regime is judged by how soon it settles down on policy implementation programmes but the current PF government has only settled down in fattening their berries hence the ruthlessness in wanting to silence and oppress dissenting voices.

He said Zambians, particularly in areas where there are bye-elections should  send strong message of vote of no confidence to the PF government a lesson to all politicians that it does not pay to tell lies just to ascend to power.

He said since people were showing other people red card in their lies to get into power, it is time Zambians shown them a red bill-board instead and consign them comical theater groups and centers where people are never serious but just laughing at anything.

He called on voters to examine themselves in their families and ask what has improved in their lives since the PF came to power after than mealie meal shortages, ZESCO load shedding, lack of farming inputs, delayed payments to farmers among the many ills.

Mr. Hichilema said for the first time after many years in the history of the country the education sector has completely corrupsed as can be seen from the examinations results at various levels of the education system that are being released.

He said he was waiting to hear from the PF government who they are going to blame for the poor grade 7 and 9 results because those happened right in their tenure and the teachers’ unions have blamed poor education infrastructure and lack of materials and incentives as reason for higher failure rate.

He said as a ruling government that values priorities, they would have concentrated more in channelling resources in improving the various sectors of the economy and service delivery instead of creating bye-elections that fattens the likes of Gabriel Namulambe and Howard Sikwela and other unprincipled characters.

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