Showing patients’ cancer wounds on TV as condition for specialist treatment

So another lucky patient has been evacuated for specialist treatment after the presidential directive. We are told President Michael Sata again acted on this information upon seeing a report in the media.

We have difficulties in understanding how Sata and his administration want to run the healthy and other critical sectors of our country.

It looks like journalists will now be employed as advisors for medical practitioners, Councillors, DCs, PSs, Ministers, etc for Sata to act on any matter?

But how many more citizens are out there with various serious ailments but cannot be attended to because they have not been humiliated by their sores being paraded in the media?

Until this latest incidence we have been wondering how Sata and his PF government are actually running the affairs of this country.

At least we now have some clue; they just sit and read newspapers, novels, watch television, and possibly create their own movies for them to know what is happening in the country.

This is indeed government ‘made simple’ to borrow Edith Nawakwi’s phrase.

But this is very dangerous way of running the affairs of the country, especially in our situation where Sata controls all the main channels of (mis)information, The Post, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia, and ZNBC.

A few voices like ours that attempt to give the other side of the story are targets of his ‘killing machine’ being hunted like rats all the time.

What is also worrying is that the few cases Sata has directed for specialist medical treatment are those in urban areas where one would ordinarily be spotted by lots of his cadres employed to be his eyes on the ground.

And the Minister of Mother and whatever the full correct name for that Ministry is called, Jean Kapata, is even not ashamed to appear on TV and say the patients are being evacuated after Sata saw a clip on TV or newspapers, when that should be a product of a functioning health delivery system.

Not long ago, we reported a sad situation where a cleaner at one of the Clinics in Chama District is attending to patients due to lack of medical personal.

So now Michael, as he is fondly referred to by his sponsors at the Post newspaper, expects journalists to be his councillors, DCs, PSs, Ministers, etc?

Anyway, we are not surprised that Michael is running his administration through creating and watching movies and reading novels. Michael himself is a product of propaganda and false information to some voters that eventually believed his false theory of development within 90 days.

Accessing medical care should be a right and not privilege of those who have the chance to be paraded on TV while groaning in pain.

It is not supposed to be the president prerogative of mercy to decide who gets treatment.

There are so many people who are severely sick and the right way is to build hospitals and stock them with medicine and qualified, well paid doctors and nurses.

What we are seeing now is just comedy and practical jokes at the expense of sick people. Politicians should avoid extracting political capital out of people’s cancer.

Do we all now have to show our cancer and wounds on TV as a condition to be given treatment? What kind of nonsense is this?

And to make matters worse, some people want to be praised for humiliating sick people when it is their duty to make sure there is medicine in hospitals.

No one uses personal money to evacuate Zambians to South Africa or India for treatment. So no one should stand in a queue waiting for praises.

Use the tax payers’ money wisely and build hospitals.

If there were hospitals where these people stay, their conditions wouldn’t have deteriorated to the point where not politicians try to exploit them.

We want to emphasise that it is not the duty of the president to identify and chose which national gets treatment.

Every sick person should have access to medical care. That is what you are in office and living ease lives on tax payers’ money.

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