Simbyakula’s origins traced to Monze


There has been a silent debate for a considerable period of time, as to what ethnicity Hon.Ngosa Simbyakula is.
Quite a few people have wrongly regarded him as Northerner from the Mbala Isoka area, while others have thought he is from Western Province of Zambia and yet others as a Tonga from Monze.
This mystery has been heightened by the Justice Minister’s silence on his true origins.
In these days where politics of “where do you come from?” have been institutionalised by the PF, I set out to seek a ‘background check’ on the Minister who many consider as one of the few dignified leaders and also once viewed as a defacto Vice President to Edgar Lungu.
I interviewed some MPs from affected provinces and was rather surprised how promptly I got the information.
Dr.Ngosa Simbyakula is from Monze East from a Village called Nalube, a stone’s throw away from the famous Catholic school, Canisius Secondary school of Chikuni mission.
On my way to Livingstone for a workshop just before Christmas, I diverted into Chikuni from the small town of Chisekesi.
The villagers of Nalube confirmed that indeed Dr. Simbyakula’s father Barthlomeau Simbyakula hails from their village and is buried at Chikuni Mission Cemetery. They later led me to his grave.
What struck me though which is the theme of my story, is their complaints over his silence on the ongoing Tonga bashing by the PF.
“Does he approve of the methods of hate PF is using to divide the country on ethnic lines?”, they lamented adding that he was their son as much as Edgar Lungu was their son too and thought condemning such behaviour should have come out naturally from both of them.
They talked about how he had made their village proud being the first person to attain such a position where he even sometimes acts as President.
I then stumbled into a ‘bonus’.
The villagers added, “Simbyakula and Edith Nawakwi are the pride of this village. Edith is our daughter because she’s married to our own son, Geoffrey Haambulo who is the Brother to Dr Simbyakula and also hails from our village”
I learnt that the father of the Justice Minister and that of Haambulo were siblings.
Finally, they hinted that they have been thinking about seeing “our son, to express our regret that he has largely remained silent on a matter that directly affects him and ourselves, he must condemn it”

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