‘Siamune is a land criminal’


Richwell Siamunene is a land criminal and has committed various offences on land management.

He was supposed to be jailed for the grave offence of selling the same piece of land to two people and managed to fraudulently extend the acres from the original 16 acres of land to 21 on the documents.

He sold 10 acres to the first buyer and 11 acres to the second buyer who immediately brought surveyors but they were shocked that the land in question is just 16 acres and it was not possible for two people to share the same going by the number of acres each bought from the fraudster .

When the second buyer tried to call Siamunene, the trickster could not avail himself and kept dodging and that’s how come when approached to join the PF he could not hesitate as he currently has a lot of debts and was told that the dictator Sata will protect him from the people that are after their money. The land in question is farm number 421 Shimabala area.

Siamunene’s company that has swindled a lot of people is Mutimbi estates situated near Shoprite Cairo road in Lusaka.

Name of author withheld


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