Siamunene loses court bid to remain in UPND and PF at once

A Lusaka High court has dismissed with costs the injunction by politics of the belly and UPND  Sinazongwe MP Richwell Siamunene’s attempt to cling on to his seat after he was expelled from the party.

Mr. Siamunene, who is also one of President Michael Sata’s many deputy ministers and has been claiming that he was popular enough to win the seat in Sinazongwe on PF, had instead filed an injunction restraining the party’s decision to expel him.

Siamunene is a nephew of Daniel Munkombwe. Munkombwe’s younger sister is the mother to Siamunene.
The dismissal of his injunction with costs now means Siamunene remains expelled from the party and clears the way for a by-election in Sinazongwe unless he tries to cling on to the UPND party whose ideals he no longer believes in through an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Siamunene has has been refusing to even appear before the disciplinary hearing claiming he was too busy with PF government programmes.

High Court judge Anne Sharpe Phiri said there was nothing to restrain the defendant from expelling the PF deputy minister because his party had already expelled him at the time he was suing it and had also written to the Speaker of the National Assembly informing him of the party’s decision to expel him.

This is in a matter in which Mr Siamunene had sued the party’s Secretary General Winston Chibwe and sought an injunction to restrain the party from going ahead to communicate to the Speaker over his expulsion.

“As such I find that this application seeking an injunction to restrain the UPND from communicating his expulsion to the Speaker and restrain it from bringing the matter up for consideration is misconceived,” she said.

Judge Phiri said it was not the role of the Court to decide who should or should not associate himself with others belonging to other given clubs and that the rules of natural justice were not followed by the defendant when bringing the matter to court.

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