Sinazongwe refuses to clap for Siamunene, chant anti PF slogans

Sinazongwe refuses to clap for Siamunene, chant anti PF slogans

Residents of Sinazongwe district in Southern Province on Saturday afternoon gave expelled UPND Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene a cold shoulder and refused to clap for him at the Lwiindi ceremony of the Tonga people.

This was after Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe pleaded with the residents to clap and welcome Siamunene for being part of the PF government.

But the residents only stared at Mr. Munkombwe and Siamunene as they chanted anti PF slogans .

Most of the time the residents remained quiet, the situation which was noticed by visitors from Zimbabwe who were invited to the ceremony.

Mr. Munkombwe tried to tell the people that Siamunene was a powerful candidate and that the decision he made to accept a job in the PF government was the only way to take development to Sinazongwe, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

At that point a good number of people strted leaving the main arena where the provincial minister was making his speech.

By the time Mr. Munkombwe ended his speech only school going children,party and government officers remained behind.

The refusal to clap for Siamunene to welcome him to the ceremony was a show by residents that they were not happy with Siamunene and the PF government.

One of the residents who is a former founder member of PF in Sinazongwe disclosed that people in th area had nothing to do with the PF

The resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said that he left the PF due to its unpopular decision to remove subsidies on maize and fuel.

He said that he was now a member of the UPND and was even welcomed by some senior UPND officials at provincial level in Choma.

He further stated that some people felt duped by the expelled MP following his decision to align himself with the PF government.

The man who boasted of having organized the PF in the district told the Daily Nation that people were angry and did not want to see Siamunene in the area.

Meanwhile,Mr Munkombwe reaffirmed the PF government’s commitment towards traditional ceremonies in the country

Speaking when he officially opened this year’s Lwiindi ceremony, Mr. Munkombwe pledged that government will continue working with traditional leaders in developing the nation.


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