Sichinga reshuffled for attempting to reveal CEEC corrupt activities of Sata’s relatives

Sichinga reshuffled for attempting to reveal CEEC corrupt activities of Sata’s relatives

President Michael Sata transferred Commerce Minister Bob Sichinga because he (Sichinga) tried to implicate Sata’s niece Marble Mungomba to corruption and abuse of office whilst serving as Director General at the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Sources said Mr. Sata is not happy that Mr. Sichinga, whose son is married to the president’s daughter, has been investigating the activities and corruption that took place at CEEC when Sata’s niece Marble was Director.

Yesterday, Mr. Sichinga called for a press briefing and told journalists that a number of former employees and commissioners abused their offices by borrowing money through fronts.

Marble Mungomba, as CEEC Director General authorised Mwame Bus Services owned by her son and nephew to borrow money for setting up the bus company that also became a conduit for sponsoring the PF as an opposition party.

She also borrowed huge sums of money using another PF sponsoring company multech computers owned by her husband Ridah Mungomba.

Sata has been telling Mr. Sichinga not to pursue Marble Mungomba but yesterday after being briefed that he was going to be transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Sichinga hastily called for a briefing and asked the police, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Anti Corruption Commission to immediately move in and investigate CEEC.

Mr. Sichinga, who himself might not be that clean,  is increasingly fed up with the level of corruption going on and promised to publish names of people and institutions that were used in the CEEC corrupt activities under proxy names.

Former CEEC DG, Marble Mungomba is not only a niece to the president, but also young sister to Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister professor Nkandu Luo.

Marble is also a niece to Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda whom president Sata has been illegally trying hard to get ratified though parliament has refused due to old age.

At the time the alleged plunder was taking place, Mr. Jacob Sikazwe the current Chairperson for Puma Energy was CEEC Board chairperson.

Puma energy is the sister company to Trafigura a company linked to Justice minister Winter Kabimba that has been given a half billion dollar contract to supply fuel to Zambia.

Others that abused CEEC funds that Mr. Sata wants to protect is former Commerce Deputy Minister under MMD, Richard Taima, who has so far been black-mailed to join the PF government as Deputy Minister in the same ministry or face jail.

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