Sichinga says corruption in oil procurement sickening

ROBERT Sichinga says the unbridled corruption that has marred Zambia’s procurement system is sickening.

Sichinga, who served as commerce minister under Michael Sata’s government, also observed that procurement-related impropriety had remained problematic because it emanated from State House, the fountain of national leadership.

“There is just so much corruption in procurement in this country. Look at the procurement of the fuel! If the procurement of the crude oil, processed fuel, and the whole sector is being subjected to this kind of corruption, then there is need to get rid of corrupt elements from the system. There is need for thorough investigation so that the matter can be dealt with decisively,” Sichinga said when he appeared on Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme on Sunday.

“But if the corruption is coming from State House, how do you overcome it? I was able to do what I did because the president allowed me to go ahead and look at alternatives, which I did.”

He also deplored the PF government’s wastage. And Sichinga noted that Zambia’s economy was facing hardships partly because of working in isolation.


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