Sichinga tries to kill bana Nono

Sichinga tries to kill bana Nono

Bana-NonoCommerce minister Bob Sichinga has physically attacked his lover now popularly known as ‘bana nono’ leaving her hospitalised.

Sichinga physically abused bana Nono after accusing her of leaking the recording in which he Sichinga was telling her of his thoughts on the illness of president Michael Sata.
The recording was done by the OP then passed on to the Zambian Watchdog in a parallel reporting structure.

When the Watchdog released the recording on October 22, 2014, Sichinga was out of the country. He arrived in Zambia that same night but had to proceed to Chipata to officiate at the golden Jubilee celebrations so he had not time to deal with bana Nono. It was only over the weekend that he finally caught up with her and beat her up. The woman ended up in hospital but to cover up, doctors have been told that she attempted suicide.

Sichinga has further warned the mother of his child, Nono, that if she tells anyone that he is the one who beat her up, he will kill her.

The story that she attempted suicide makes no sense at all. If she wanted to kill herself she could have managed, and why wait for Sichinga to return? Besides, the woman was not even aware that she was being recorded but the OP are keeping tabs on ministers’ girlfriends.

Even before Sichinga arrived, the senior PF cadres were already threatening her with death.

Minister Sichinga has serious problems with libido. At the church he goes, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he has slept with a good number of girls including two blood sisters. His wife who goes to the same church, (near parliament motel) is said to be subjected to daily embarrassment and humiliation as everybody knowns her husband’s behaviour.

In the recording, Sichinga was telling bana Nono that if president Michael Sata dies before replacing Guy Scott as vice-president, then there will be a crisis in PF.
In the recording attached, Sichinga told the woman (bana Nono) that he has been telling Sata to appoint another vice-president instead of Guy Scott so that in case he dies or resigns, the new vice president can be the PF candidate for the by-election and in 2016.

Sichinga, who was in the bedroom with the woman last evening, also disclosed that there is serious confusion in the PF due to Sata’s illness and said he asked Secretary to Cabinet Rowland Msisika why the president is not eating.
Sichinga said the problem is that there are too many doctors attending to Sata and they do not even know his real ailment.
Sichinga said Sata does not want to resign because he does not want to have a by-election.
He told the woman that he, Sichinga, is restraining himself from campaigning for the presidency because he fears that people will misunderstand him since he is part of the Sata family.
He said people would start saying ‘maybe you know something you are not telling us.’ He said he could only campaign in a subtle way without him being physically ‘involved like Kambwili and others’.
When asked by the woman where Sata is currently, he said he thinks he is in London.
He said Sata left without warning and that it was only after midnight that Secretary to cabinet Rowlnad Msiska started phoning ministers to tell them that Sata would not be available for the cabinet meeting.
And in some parts of this same recording which are not very audible, Sichinga also accuses Defence Minister Edgar Lungu and Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba of seemingly celebrating Sata’s illness.
In the recording, Sichinga says he doesn’t understand why Lungu would be so excited each time the president’s condition gets worse and is appointed to act.
“I don’t really understand………..understand some of my colleagues even the same (Edgar) Lungu. He seems to be in the campaign mode as well…………(interruption)………….yes to take over…………(child cries)………yes…….same with GBM……….(another interruption)………..(loud bang from a plate)………..each time they hear the man is gone……..bena mubwalwa bayachesha ati twalakasenda (them they go into beer drinking spree whole night celebrating saying we are getting it)……….I think that’s evil)………… “ Sichinga says.
Listen to Sichinga here: AUD-20141022-WA0000



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