Sick Lifwekelo feels neglected by UPND, says has not joined PF

United Party for National Development (UPND) deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has dispelled allegations circulating within his party that he has been offered a job by government.

Mr Lifwekelo who said UPND president Hakainde Hichilima and his senior leadership had not visited him since he was discharged from hospital more than a fortnight ago said there was talk within the party circles that he had accepted a job offer as deputy director in the PF government the reason why he had gone in oblivion.

But Mr Lifwekelo dispelled the reports saying it was annoying for people to accuse him of such when he was bedridden and could not even leave his home from the time he was discharged from the University Teaching Hospital.

Mr Lifwekelo who said he could not even manage to talk for a long time as he had a persistent hiccup, said the allegations were malicious and meant to damage his reputation.

He said because of the same allegations, cadres in the party had been advised against going near him because he was deemed to be a danger to the party.

He said it was not true that he had been offered a job by the PF government and that nobody in government had even approached him about the same.

“Somebody is being malicious because I have been sick and have never gone out of my house from the time I was discharged from UTH. I cannot even talk to somebody for a long time because I have a hiccup and to hear about such, it is very sad,” he said.

Mr Lifwekelo said that Mr Hichilema and senior UPND official had not visited him from the time he was discharged from hospital although UPND secretary general Winston Chibwe had visited him before he was admitted to hospital.

He suspected his party members’ behaviour of not visiting him had been engineered by the same job-offer allegations.

Mr Chibwe, however, defended the party and its president saying Mr Hichilema went to visithim when he was hospitalised only that he was in a more serious state.

He said it would be unfair for anybody to accuse the party of seemingly abandoning Mr Lifwekele because he was one of the senior people of the UPND family whom they loved and cared for so much.

He said the senior officials had not visited Mr Lifwekelo in the past two weeks because they had been out for campaigns as the party needed to run at the same time.

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