Sick MPs sent back to prison, as protesters leave petition with guard

Lusaka central police

Lusaka central police

Mandevu MP Jean Kapata and Munali’s  Mumbi Phiri have been discharged from hospital and taken back to Lusaka central police cells.

The two are among the nine people who were arrested last Friday for honking in protest against the acquittal of  former president Fredrick Chiluba.

The seven others were released after paying admission of guilty fees. But the two were denied police bond as they are to face another charge of harassing police officers.

Police say a medical doctor will have to certify the two PF MPs fit to stand trial before they can go to court. They will have to remain in custody.

Meanwhile, the forum of political parties that went to protest at the British High Commission failed to deliver the petition to High Commissioner Thomas Carter.

The petitioners had no choice but to leave the petition with a guard at the entrance of the building which was heavily guarded.

Forum spokesperson Edwin Sakala later told journalists that Carter will have to respond to the petition which he hoped the guard will deliver.

The five political parties that have signed the petition are the New Generation Party, National Democratic Party, and the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement.

Others are the Zambia Democratic Congress and the Party for Unity Democracy and Development.

The political parties say they are not happy with the manner in which the British High Commissioner in Zambia,Tom Carter, is criticizing government.

They are demanding that the envoy should use diplomatic channels when airing complaints against the government.

Mr. Carter is alleged to have said he was disappointed with the acquittal of second Republican President, Frederick Chiluba, on charges of theft.

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