‘Sick’ Sata fails to climb Lotti house stairs

Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata Thursday failed to climb the stairs of Lotti House where he was scheduled to feature on 5fm Radio.

Sata who went to the building discovered that the elevators were down and the only alternative was to climb the stairs to the ninth floor where the radio station is located.

Sata, who was born in 1937 attempted to go as far as the third floor before going back saying he could not. He told the radio station management and his escort team that he  has a medical history that does not allow him to undertake such strenuous activities.

The radio station was forced to cancel the programme despite the heavy advertisement that preceded it.

In April 2008, Sata suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized in South Africa forcing him to stop chain-smoking.

“I would have been dead if President Mwanawasa did not personally intervene to ensure my evacuation to South Africa for specialist treatment”, Sata said when he returned from intensive care.

Sata will be seeking to be elected president of Zambia for the fourth time later this year having lost the bid three times.

The Zambian constitution requires that a person seeking the office of president must be mentally and physically fit as the Zambian presidency is not ceremonial.

Zambia’ third president Levy Mwanawasa ignored advice from doctors and and other well meaning citizens that he was too sick to hold the office of president. He died in office mainly due to exhaustion making the country go through an expensive by-election.


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