Sick Sata fails to travel to Kenya

Sick Sata fails to travel to Kenya

Take a closer look at Sata's face. The man is in pain

Take a closer look at Sata’s face. The man is in pain

As we predicted and analysed, PresidentMichael  Sata has failed to fly for Kenya to attend that Country’s 50th Independence celebrations because he is unwell.

According to a State House programme  Sata was supposed to leave Yesterday shortly after the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Director General Guy Ryder paid a courtesy call on him. But instead, his mouth piece George Chellah showed pictures of Sata struggling to stand with ILO director outside State House.

Sata’s trip was heavily advertised by government controlled media and allied newspapers but the Watchdog reported that Sata is not fit enough to go and stand in stadium in Kenya. The programme is long and Kenya is very hot.

Sata was by Press time still holed up at his Nkwazi House.

The independence celebrations in Kenya start at 10 hours Zambian time meaning that even if Sata left now, he will find the celebrations over because it takes close to 4 hours for the Presidential Challenger Plane to fly from Lusaka to Nairobi. Even if he went, he will be conflicting himself because last year the government stopped former President Rupiah Banda from traveling saying he had started off late as such he was going to find the event almost over.

The Zambian Watchdog however is aware that Sata is not feeling well and wants to sneak out to the United Kingdom where nurses are not dismissed for medical treatment. We urge him to preserve his life because we love him as a human being by just coming out in the open and boarding a plane to the United Kingdom.

It will not do for him to wait for an Emirates Airline Flight at 22 hours and sneak out of State House using the back gate through Longacres traffic circle then Alick Nkhata,  via Thabo Mbeki then Arcades traffic circle (Round about) to the airport.  This is the route he used last time he sneaked out. We urge him to simply jump on a Presidential Chopper to the Airport and board the earliest flight. Life is precious.

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