Sick Sata in Solwezi today, but campaigns ended yesterday

Sick Sata in Solwezi today, but campaigns ended yesterday



Sick President Michael Sata is today expected in Solwezi to drum up support for Patriotic Front candidate Newton Malwa in the September 11 parliamentary by-elections.

But you can forgive Sata because of his dementia as campaigns actually closed yesterday according to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Act.

According to the ECZ Act, there should be no campaigns of any nature a day before elections and that includes the president as well, but Sata may not know that doing that will be a serious breach that may attract a another successful nullification of the results.

But President Sata and his handlers want to take advantage by breaking the law knowing that a good number of people will turn up just to see how sick he is but the ‘crowd’ will be shown as PF supporters by the PF media.

Sata was yesterday advised by his doctors and wife not to take the trip to Solwezi but as usual he refused to heed the advice a State House source has disclosed.

Vice president Guy Scott confirmed at the last public rally he held in Solwezi on yesterday that Sata will be in Solwezi on Wednesday.

The ailing president is expected to use three helicopters to Solwezi at a time when government was struggling to charter one plane to fly the Zambia National Soccer Team to for an international engagement.

“Yes the president is expected to fly to Solwezi for campaigns. The advance party has already left for the same,” the source said.

What is so wasteful however is that Sata is expected to speak for less than five minutes at the campaign rally as he runs out of breath when he speaks for a longer period.

Last weekend he only spoke for less than three minutes at a campaign rally in Mkushi.

Meanwhile, journalists will not be allowed to get pictures of the President in Solwezi and only State House photographers will be allowed.

“Only State House photographers namely Eddie Mwanaleza or Thomas Nsama will be allowed to take pictures that will be circulated to media houses. Those are instructions given to the security detail accompanying the President,” the source said.

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