Sick Sata says UPND trying to hijack him

Madness compounded by heavy medical jabs today characterised ailing dictator Michael Sata’s first public appearance again when he alarmed the nation that UPND cadres had planned to hijack or abduct him with his wife.

Speaking when he struggled to grace the Zambia Air Force pass-out parade which should have been held much earlier, but was postponed due to his health, Mr. Sata claimed according to his daily intelligence briefings, he was luck to be alive because UPND wanted to “hijack” him today in Livingstone, but the plot was thwarted by state security.

Sata has  been absent from a number of public engagements due to ill health.

And some of the soldiers who were at the event told the Watchdog that they are really shocked how weathered the head of state is.

‘As a soldier I could believe this person is the commander in chief, I got close to him just like everybody was looking forward to see how he is. I wanted to shed tears. As soldiers we need a fit commander because i doubt if this man can issue right orders in case of war,’ said one soldier.

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