Sign petition to save Zambia’s lions

Sign petition to save Zambia’s lions

A petition to save lions from licensed poachers has been started on

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The information on the site state that:11062392_934163439967740_4523634229495320795_o

There are only between 2,500 and 4,700 lions remaining in Zambia, by 2013 estimates. Hunting of lions was banned many years ago to save the cats from extinction. But now the Zambian government has decided to lift the ban and allow hunters to shoot and slaughter lions for fan as long as they can afford the fee.

Jean Kapata, Zambia’s tourism and arts minister, said profits from hunting the big cats could benefit wildlife conservation as well as the livelihoods of rural communities.

But this is wrong. We need the lions in the national parks and bushes of Zambia. It is better tourists come to Zambia to see the lions and pay tourism fees than com e to kill the animals. In future, all the lions would be killed. Let us stop these licensed poachers from wiping out our lions from our jungles.

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