Signficance of Scott’ endorsement of HH

By Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa

Guy Scotts endorsement of HH today as the next republican President during the press briefing in Lusaka is significant.

It is significant because Dr Scott is a battle hardened political operative, whose 10 years in hard nosed Zambian opposition politics resulted in him and his comrades wrestling power from the MMD.

Dr Scott is principled, fair and firm. His loyalty to the PF during the harsh years in the opposition is testimony, to the notorious fact that he is a comrade you can trust.

It is becoming all too clear that the PF Dr Scott gave over ten years of his life to, is in a political coma and its demise appears eminent.

I will not be surprised if HH and the UPND emerge victorious in the 11th of August elections.

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