Sikaneta, Mujuda plundering taxpayers money at AU

Sikaneta, Mujuda plundering taxpayers money at AU

Information has emerged that Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the A.U Susan Sikaneta & her Ben 10, Sam Mujuda who is Counsellor Political & Administration have turned Zambian Mission into a love nest and hub of maladministrion.

Sources at Foreign Affairs state that although the two lovebirds were recalled in 2016, it is former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba who urged them to stay on and sat on their letters of recall.

Each time Kalaba was in Ethiopia, Sikaneta was known to prepare nshima and take it to him at the Hotel room much to the annoyance of Zambian staff as she went about with her unbridled tu chawa antics.

And There is duplication of work at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia because Nadine Chanda Chabwe holds the same position and both report to Minister Counsellor John Chisanga.

To prolong their stay, Sikaneta and Mujuda have been sending Dollars to officials at Foregn Affairs to delay their recall.

Sikaneta and Mujuda have taken all regional trips and beyond and in some cases share the same room.

They keep getting endless advances and other allowances at the expense of other Embassy staff who are denied their entitlements.

Sikaneta is currently in eSwatini on an election observer mission not sanctioned by Foreign Affairs.

She left last Sunday night and returns over the weekend.

According to sources, Mujuda now undermines Minister Counsellor Chisanga who is second in comnand and reports directly to his old cargo, Sikaneta.

Chisanga is supposed to be in charge of Chancery & Administration but is being overshadowed by Mujuda.

Sikaneta refuses to return home claiming she has a delicate heart problem.

The intelligence community in Addis Ababa even have compromising pictures of Sikaneta and her Ben 10, Mujuda.

Mujuda’s Fred M’membe bootlicking antics are known from his Post Newspaper days when he would plant falsehoods against then Managing Editor Amos Malupenga.
More details coming..

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