Sikatana says MMD needs serious re-organisation

Sikatana (In the middle wearing grey suit)

Sikatana (In the middle wearing grey suit)

MMD founder member Mundia Sikatana says the ruling party is in dire need of serious reorganization before it disinteg

Mr. Sikatana who also served as foreign affairs and agriculture minister in late president Levy Mwanawasa’s administration says there is need for the MMD party leadership to call for an urgent meeting to reorganize the party.

He says failure to do so risk the party becoming irrelevant to Zambian politics.

Mr sikatana says the loss in kasama and solwezi should send strong signals to the ruling party.

He says the losses in both the Kasama central and Solwezi central parliamentary seat is a big blow to the party and that time has come to rise to the challenge and conduct an overhaul of the ruling party.

He says clinging to past glory of the legacy of late president, Levy Mwanawasa, when President Rupiah Banda cannot build on the promise will not help the party in anyway.

He urges president Banda to listen to the advisers around him especially those that know the foundation upon which the party was founded.

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