Sikota Wina advised to withdraw statement that Lozis can’t vote for Sata

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has condemned the statement attributed to Veteran politician Sikota Wina in the public media that Lozi people are very complicated to vote for opposition Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata.

FODEP president Alex Ng’oma has told QFM in an exclusive interview that it is surprising that Mr. Wina could utter such tribal sentiments at the time people calling for an end to tribal politics.

Ng’oma said there is need to promote politics of national issues and calls on Wina to retract his statement.

And Ng’oma has further condemned the use of public resources by government ministers on ruling MMD party assignments.

Ng’oma said it is unfortunate that ministers have been campaigning for the MMD across the country at the pretext of inspecting development projects.

Ng’oma says the move is a violation of the electoral code of conduct and should not be allowed in to continue in the country.



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