Sikota Wina advises Sata on Lozis


VETERAN politician Sikota Wina has advised Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata not to be fooled by the people of Western Province.

“Lozi people are very complicated. They can smile at you but not vote for you,” he said.

Mr Wina was commenting on Mr Sata’s recent campaign trail in Western Province.

He said Mr Sata’s failure to meet the Litunga during his visit to the province speaks volumes of his clear intentions.

Mr Wina said he appreciates to see the fruits of the dreams of freedom fighters.

He said Zambia has a President who is committed to development.

He called upon people to remain calm during and after elections.

“Let’s remain calm and let policies speak for themselves.

President Banda’s acts and performance speak for themselves. We have seen infrastructure development, an improvement in health and agricultural sectors,” he said.

And a concerned Lozi, Masiliso Macwani, said he found Mr Sata’s rally speeches in Mongu and Senanga as shallow and an insult to the people of Western Province.

He said Lozis are not short-sighted and short of memory to forget Mr Sata’s unwarranted attacks on them during the 1995 and 1996 regimes when he was in government.

“Maybe the greedy lozis and traitors who are ignorant about him, and only want financial support, will support him,” he said.

Mr Macwani said in one of the tabloids in 1995 whilst Mr Sata was in government he said the MMD government would not allow feudalism, Barotseland Agreement or Lozi government.

He said Mr Sata also warned Lozis not to tread on dangerous grounds unless they wanted war.

Mr Macwani said in 1996 Mr Sata threatened to withdraw the Chieftainship recognition on the Litunga.

“One wonders where he could have gotten this authority. Lozis, is this the man we want to support?”

Mr Macwani said it is suicidal to support Mr Sata because he just wants to use the people of Western Province as riders to State House and later dump them.

He urged Mr Sata to avoid speaking about national issues he doesn’t know because he allegedly exposes his ignorance.

“Hoaxing is a crime punishable by law and could lead someone to jail,” he said.

He wondered what Mr Sata wants to restore when nothing has been destroyed or misplaced concerning issues of the Agreement.

He said in the yellow book on page 1503, Government pays K120 million towards the Barotseland Agreement to the Litunga.

“So how can he restore what already exists? The only thing is to renegotiate for a new token and not restoration,” he said.

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