Sikota wina exposed as Sata’s agent

Sikota wina exposed as Sata’s agent

Freedom Fighter????

Former Barotseland Prime minster Clement Sinyinda has revealed, maybe by mistake, that Sikota Wina has all this time being an agent of president Michael Sata in Barotseland.

This just adds further intrigue to the turns and twists of treachery, compromise and money making ventures in the Bartoseland question.

The nation will recall that when the breaking away of Barotseland was very hot, Sikota Wina,  called for a press conference. Everybody wanted to hear what the man who is believed to have been very instrumental in the signing of the agreement, had to say. But when the day came, Wina hid in the house and just told someone to tell journalists and diplomats who had gone to listen to him that the press conference has been postponed to a date that was to be announced later. It has not been announced.

A lot of people suspected dirty.

When Sinyinda resigned as Ngambela, he, among other things said:

‘…The process that supported the visit by an “important emissary” of the President, in the person of Mr. Sikota Wina, further reconfirmed my now strong belief that His Majesty has lost faith in me and, as a result, I should step aside gracefully. The manner in which his visit was handled by the Kuta without my knowledge and his subsequent arrival and direct access to Your Majesty without reporting to me suggested to me clearly that (a) the role of the Ngambela in this case was considered not important; and (b) the Emisary’s meeting with Your Majesty while I am waiting outside and subsequently admitted only after my raising concern, both confirm that the Kuta and the Litunga require space (without me) to better manage the challenges facing the Kingdom…’

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