Sikutwa family swindles Briton out of $80,000

The family of Lusaka businessman and lawyer Lawrence Sikutwa has swindled a British businessman out of $80, 000.

The British commodity trader based in South Africa says the Sikutwas have bankrupted his once profitable business.

Trouble started sometime back when Victor Sikutwa, Chidzi Sikutwa and Lwarence Sikutwa 2, entered into a deal to supply the Briton with Manganese.

The Zambia ‘businessmen’ were paid upfront but they supplied the buyer with fake manganese.

‘We bought material (500mt of manganese, which we sampled at site, only for the delivered goods to be over 8% in terms of grade lower, so essentially worthless)’, the Briton told the Watchdog.

The Briton further explained that he then gave the Sikutwas a further $17,500 in order to rectify the issue by replacing the off spec material and deliver the required good 500 metric tonnes.

But the Sikutwas got the money but never delivered the Manganese.

‘Once it materialised that they would not deliver we demanded the capital back and it has been lie after lie ever since,’ the Briton explained.

One of the Sikutwas, Lawrence Sikutwa 11 is said to have since fled to USA.

The businessman has been trying to ask Lawrence Sikutwa the owner of Madison Insurance Company to intervene and help resolve the matter.

The three Sikutwas are believed to be swindling other people using Lawrence Sikutwa as reference.

At least two mother people are known to have been swindled out of money by the Sikutwas.

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