Silence from Constitution technical committee worries Rainbow Coalition

Continued silence and no movement from the Technical Committee onZambian Constitution making is Worrisome.

We the citizens of Zambia and members of ZRC are now anxious about the delay by the technical committee on the Constitution. The TC committed to the public having a draft by June yet the guidelines on participation by various stakeholders at district and constituency level have not yet been released. This is now a source of worry. If perhaps they cannot meet the deadlines given by themselves, let them communicate to the Zambian people.

As Zambians we believe and understand the work involved and we have understood the extensions in the past, thus another extension is not something that will be new to us. What is it that they are doing with the constitution that is taking so long with no update? This is a worrisome situation.

The bottom line is we need a constitution that will stand the test of time. Therefore We hope the delay is because they are including key and pertinent issues such as having a presidential running mate, in the event that an incumbent fails to discharge his duty by whatever reason we do not need to spend tax payers money on a presidential by election, a leaf we can borrow from Malawi after the demise of their president the vice was sworn into power without having to go to a by election. We hope they are including issues of social economic rights that will enhance the wellbeing of the Zambian people. We hope they are seriously considering devolution of power and other issues that will help Zambia to the next level of development.

If the position of submitting to the president by September the draft constitution, which will then be subjected to a referendum, still stands, then we believe that at this point parliament should have been discussing the amendment of the referendum act due to its obsoleteness and undemocratic provisions contained therein.  We request that the Chairperson of the TC avail to the Zambians the position of where we stand with the constitution making process.




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