Siliya causing confusion in Petauke

Dear Editor
Please hide my identity.
The division that has rocked the PF in Petauke has now culminated in to two rival factions one headed by Petauke Central Members of parliament Dora Siliya and the other headed by Jay Jay Banda the aspiring candidate for the same seat.  Jay Jay who is the District Youth Chairman has told off Dora to go back to MMD because she has brought division in the party. There was a near scuffle during Youth day cerebration between the two warring factions. Jay Jay has vowed to fight to the bitter end than to let strangers destroy the Party. Jay Jay is believed to be receiving support from PF National Executive committee, District Admin, Constituency and Youths in the District to the extent that he has become so pompous.    Dora on the other end said that she is going use her influence to flash out thugs like Jay Jay a criminal who is on the run after urinating on the journalist in Vubwi. At the moment the situation is bad and soon we shall witness blood crushes if these divisions are not resolved.

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