Siliya condemned for lying on alcoholism statistics

Siliya condemned for lying on alcoholism statistics

Dora Siliya must apologise for making false allegations against Zambia

A senior member of the clergy has called for Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya to immediately apologise for the sensational claims against Zambia.
During the announcement if cabinet resolutions, Siliya claimed that Zambian women were the worst alcohol drinkers in the world and were no.1 on the WHO list.

Pastor Cholwe M. Cholwe of Gospel Envoys Ministry has also called for disciplining of technocrats that could have provided such false statistics to the Minister for public announcement.

Pastor Cholwe says he has personally checked with the World Health Organisation(WHO) and other bodies and has verified that no such information exist about Zambia.

A check on the list shows that Zambia is ranked number 125 out of 191 countries.

The top ten include Belarusi, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Romania and Portugal.

Zambia is categorised among what is termed as social drinkers.

A social drinker is a person who drinks alcohol mostly on social occasions and usually in moderate quantities.

A senior official from Zambia Breweries also expressed shock at the statistics given by Siliya as drinking among women was hindered by cultural and buying power reasons.

He stated that information from their sales did not justify the wild claims.

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