Siliya confirms PF will still increase prices of electircity

PF Energy Minister Dora Siliya has confirmed that her inconsistent regime still plans to increase the cost of electricty after it withdrew the hikes  a few weeks ago.

ZESCO last week withdrew its application to raise charges for households, businesses and factories after the Energy Regulation Board approved the tariff hike in December.

The Watchdog revealed that the withdrawal was just a political gimmicky to cheat voters. The PF will increase the cost of electricity a week after elections if they return power.

Siliya was speaking in an interview shortly after she featured on a panel discussing energy shortages and potential solutions at the Energy Indaba held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday.

“We are trying to balance economic issues with social issues and clearly the political leadership feels if there are public complaints, we have to respond,” Ms. Siliya said.

“Now that does not in any way mean that we have shifted from the idea of moving the tariffs from cost-reflective levels, no. We just said that maybe we need to do it in another way and move them progressively,” she said.

The country remains committed that “for us to sustain the energy sector, we have to have cost-reflective tariffs,” Ms. Siliya said.

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