Siliya insults Scott for endorsing HH

Siliya insults Scott for endorsing HH

Infamous for her lack of morals, Dora Siliya has insulted former Vice-President Guy Scott.

12671677_1064806060268215_203237425731596261_oFollowing Scott’s decision to endorse Hakainde Hichilema as the most suitable person to take over as president, Siliya posted on her facebook that Scott is a relic.

Siliya is the same person who once said her former husband used to urinate on their bed. When the PF lifted former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity, Siliya insulted MPs and the speaker using a fuck you symbol.

Since Siliya likes insulting other people, we wonder if he objects to be called UNZA open (prostitute), as that is what she was known when she was a student at UNZA?

Why should Siliya discriminate against senior citizens? Who said when you are old you can’t participate in the governance of your country. Besides, Scott did not say he wants to run for president, he just endorsed HH.

This is what UNZA open posted on her page:

Hello friends

I have been following some events on social media this Easter Monday. Amazed that instead of spending time with family and reflecting on Easter message my dear friend Miles has decided to use the day for another alliance..whatever that means.

However, what shocks me even more is how 70 something Scott still wants to be relevant in our politics. I have nothing against him except for his hate streak and condescending manner.

However, how can we the young Zambians (90% of Zambians are 45 years and below) accept that our path will continue to be carved by the likes of Scott. It seemed to me that after the January 2015 elections there was a silent understanding that we had closed a chapter on old leadership which is why many of us said No even to RB re-contesting. Does Scott think he is an exception.

I must say am even more sad for my dear colleague HH as he feels he can only go forward with relics. True UPND stalwarts must be hurting. Gary my friend has no idea when he will really rise to VP or even President of UPND. Dr Canicius Banda seems even more non committal as he must be confused about what is next in the UPND.


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