Siliya maintains that ministers who were illegally in office were entitled to be paid

Minister of Information and Broadcasting who is also Chief government Spokesperson Dora Siliya has insisted that Ministers who were in office illegally during the run up to the 2016 general elections got paid for what they worked for.
Speaking when she featured on Hot fm radio’s Hot Seat program on Thursday 31st October 2019, Siliya insisted that the ministers were entitled to emoluments and had to be paid for their work just like any human being who works.
She further stated that the ministers were still consulting as individuals and as a group on what to do following the Constitutional Court ruling that they pay back the money they were paid during their illegal stay in

Dora Siliya

When asked what they were consulting when there was a ruling from the Constitutional court, Siliya insisted that they worked and had to be paid adding that the Secretary to the Cabinet will issue a statement when consultations are concluded.
‘Look, let me just state this, ministers are just human beings, if one of my workers says he did some work and he is entitled to that payment I think he can be heard because he is just a human being and ministers are not super humans, they are just human beings also who do a job with very specific regulations supplied by the Secretary to the Cabinet and these regulations are handed over to ministers that this is what you are entitled to, this is what you will be paid for your work and so on and so forth,’ Siliya argued.
She maintained that ministers expect to be paid for the work they do just like anybody adding that when a worker works over time he or she must be paid for the work done.

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