Siliya may join ‘den of thieves’ in PF State House

Like all the other thieves, former Petauke MP Dora Siliya is this morning expected to join PF on which he wants to defend his seat in the forth-coming parliamentary by-election.

Siliya and others were cleared to recontest their seats by the Supreme Court yesterday, but is part of the Rupiah Banda team that has now taken over the PF den of thieves.

She is holding a Press briefing this morning where she is widely expected to denounce MMD and renounce her membership as she joins the PF that has now been taken over by Rupiah Banda and other criminals.

She is currently still appearing in court over other corruption charges that the same PF under Michael Sata took her to court.

Not long ago, Siliya and other MMD leaders like Rupiah Banda, Lucky Mulusa, had no kind words for the PF but they should really be celebrating Sata’s death now as it has allowed them to inherit PF through weakling Lungu. 

They are all likely to easily settle down with fellow den of thieves that are currently occupying and running State House.


PETAUKE Member of Parliament (MP) Dora Siliya’s only child and son, Kwenje Paul Siliya, is worth over K2 Billion, Tumfweko understands.
Sources have disclosed to Tumfweko that the 23 year old has over US$250,000 in his different bank accounts and that his money can not be accounted for correctly as his mother, Dora Siliya, has a hand in the making of his son’s fat accounts.
‘How did he acquire that much honestly? mum helped him of course. More questions than answers indeed,’ said the sources.
Tumfweko has not yet established whether Kwenje,23, has Enfinished his studies in the  at Anglia Ruskin University in England. under a government schoolarship program.
Kwenje, his father a former late legendary ZNBC Broadcaster, Joseph Kuluneta, was recently summoned by government law enforcement agencies for questioning.
Kwenje has however never been to a public school but to a private one and it is not yet clear as to why Kwenje has declined to use his father’s surname ‘Kuluneta’ but instead uses ‘Siliya’ the mothers surname.
Earlier this week, the former Education Minister, Dora Siliya and her 23-year old son simultaneously appeared before law enforcement agencies in Lusaka.
This was in connection with the seized 29 motor bikes belonging to the former minister in the alleged corrupt tainted, Rupiah Banda administration.
Ms. Siliya, was interrogated by law enforcement agencies at the defunct task force on corruption office for close to two-hours.
Her son later appeared at the Woodlands police station.
Ms. Siliya complained of excessive harassment by law enforcement agencies.
In the United Kingdom, you can not buy a vehicle worth more than £10,000 without the dealer notifying the police for clearance on the transactions for fear of being implicated if the deal is fraudulent.

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