Siliya: Mulusa will win, Zambians fed up with PF deception

Opposition MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has expressed confidence that the party’s candidate in the November 8 Mufumbwe by elections Stafford Mulusa will emerge victorious.

Siliya has told journalists that her party will return the seat because the general public across the country had realized the Patriotic Front earned a ticket to power through deception.

She has said the PF had lamentably failed to deliver on numerous promises it made to the Zambians during the September 2011 elections.

Siliya said owing to the frustrations of not realizing the promises of the PF
government, the people of Zambia had given up on President Michael Sata and his leadership.

She said the people of Mufumbwe have also realized that the PF was led by individuals who deceived the country into winning votes and this had led to the ruling party losing popularity.

The Mufumbwe seat fell vacant following the expulsion of former MMD member Stephen Masumba who attempted to cling on to the seat using the court but his application was later thrown out.

Masumba was dimmed insdiciplined by the party having among others accepted a position from President Sata as deputy minister in the local government ministry.

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