Siliya, Mwanakatwe want to buy Times of Zambia

Siliya, Mwanakatwe want to buy Times of Zambia

Dora, Mwanakatwe, Mateyo Kaluba want Times of Zambia

The six months non payment of salaries for Times of Zambia workers is deliberate because Information Minister Dora Siliya and her Finance counterpart Margaret Mwanakatwe want the company to look broke and later buy it at a song.

Siliya has a Caucasian lover and together with Mwanakatwe and Industrial Development Corporation – IDC boss Mateyo Kaluba are behind the sale. Siliya initially mooted this idea with former finance minister Felix Mutati and secretly wanted to buy the company at K30m but the deal flopped because workers refused to sign a questionnaire on the sale of the company.

Kaluba, also a former lover to Siliya was single handedly sourced and made CEO at IDC so that he can quicken the sale. Mwanakatwe was incorporated after Mutati was fired because the whole idea is that the Minister of Finance must not release any bail out funds to the Times of Zambia and even the little that IDC recently released was mainly to pay the PF cadres who have supplied goods, among them motor vehicles to Times of Zambia.

Under normal circumstances, Times can operate at a very huge profit because away from the newspaper, the printing press at Ndola can handle any kind of work and in fact some duplicate ballot papers used in righting elections have been printed there.

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