Siliya says advert by Zesco to cut power for 5 days is a lie

Now PF energy minister says the advert placed by Zesco in the media about cutting power for five days is not true.

She says she has been told that there would be no continuous power disruption for a week.

Told by who, Zesco or her boyfriend?

So this means the officials at Zesco do not know what they are doing, they do not know what they were placing in the media.

We told you there must be something fishy going on here. This might not even be about transformers.

Here is the message Siliya posted just after reading the Zambian Watchdog:

Dear friends
There is an advert running on power disruption in the Media.
The advert is erroneous. The works will entail reduction of capacity at Leopards Hill sub station, but Zesco will be able to manage within the load shedding schedules. I have been told there will be no continous power disruption for a week.
God bless

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