Siliya says she lied about Lubinda being treacherous little chap

Afte being sued, Minister of agriculture Dora Siliya says she had no reason to describe given Lubinda as a treacherous  character with a small ego desperate to please his masters.

That was in March 2013. But now Siliya has retracted her statement saying she didn’t know what she was talking about but was just issuing false statements. She has been forced to publish the retractions and apology in the Government newspapers.

Below is what Siliya said about Lubinda in 2013:

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has described Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda as a man with an inflated ego pretending to be clever and intelligent.

It is unAfrican, inhuman and cruel for Lubinda to go and drink gin and tonic to celebrate over problems of a fellow human being

MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya said it was not surprising that the PF had considered Mr Lubinda a treacherous person because men with small egos were always trying hard to impress those above them to win some favour.

“It is a pity that people with low egos can abuse institutions of democracy like Parliament. Mr Lubinda has been branded a treacherous member of the PF and it is not surprising because that is what people with small egos often do. He has continued being treacherous even in Parliament and he was happier that he would enjoy his gin and tonic largely at the expense of building democracy,” Ms Siliya said.

Addressing journalists at the Drug Enforcement Commission where former president Banda had presented himself for the second day for questioning, Ms Siliya said it was a pity that the PF had found it prudent to abuse Parliament.

Mr Lubinda while debating the motion to remove former president Ruoiah Banda’s immunity last Friday said he was going to enjoy his gin and tonic knowing that the former head of state had been humiliated by the loss of his legal immunity.

Ms Siliya said Mr. Lubinda described by his own party as a trecherous and dangerous man.

She said the decision by the Patriotic Front Members of Parliament to lift the immunity of former president Rupiah Banda as abuse of institutions of democracy.

Ms Siliya said it is appalling that institutions of democracy such as Parliament were being abused by the PF government by passing motions that were flowed and irregularly brought to the house.

And Ms Siliya has charged that Zambia Daily Mail deputy managing director Anthony Mukwita lacked professionalism in the way he was managing editorial content at the company.

Ms Siliya said Mr Mukwita was a PF cadre and could not be objective with the content of the newspaper because he would always want to please his appointing authorities.She said Mr Mukwita has been twisting stories to fit the desires of his appointing authorities.

Mr Mukwita before being given the job at the Mail by Mr Lubinda, was a stringer with a magazine called the Bulletin but because of being a cadre and friend of Kabwata Member of Parliament, he was appointed deputy managing director while at the same time Mr Isaac Chipampe was promoted to the position of managing director.

Ms Siliya said it was the duty of journalists to report factually and without biasness but t she was disappointed by Mr Mukwita’s open biasness in twisting stories to suit his ambitions.

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