Siliya says there were no winners after 2011 elections, as bus drivers increase fares

MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya says it was now clear that there were no winners after the 2011 elections because all the promises that the PF made have been broken.

And Bus drivers in Lusaka have increased bus fares by K1000 on all routes following the increase in the price of fuel effected by the PF government this week.

Ms. Siliya, who said they share same sentiments as Fr. Frank Bwalya, said the PF government was merely spending money useless by-elections at the expense of their campaign promises.

The PF promised lower fuel prices, lower mealie meal prices, lower electricity tariffs and bus fares, lower fertiliser prices but all these and other commodities have been increased. So there are no winners at all,” Ms. Siliya said.”

Ms. Siliya said even the saw called salary increase for civil servants that will be effected in September has already been wiped-out by the increase in commodities.

The bus drivers say they have no choice but increase the bus fares in view of the fuel prices and commuters will have to bare the cost.

But one of the Communications and Transport Deputy ministers Panji Kaunda said the increase in bus fares was illegal.

And Ms. Siliya said it was sad that the PF was now taking diplomatic rows with other governments such as South Africa because it looks like no body was in control.

Ms. Siliya said Vice-president Guy Scott’s remarks against the South African government were unfortunate and showed that the PF indeed had no capacity and man-power.

But Chief government spokesperson, Kennedy Sakeni, said Scott’s comments could have been made in his personal capacity because he is on leave.

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