Silwamba exposed again: he is defending rival clients

Silwamba exposed again: he is defending rival clients

Last week we explained how notorious lawyers Eric Silwamba is disregarding and flouting ethics by defending First Quantum Minerals Limited when he is the chairman of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investments Holdings (ZCCM) IH Limited.

Here is another case where Silwamba and his partners are flouting ethics with impunity while the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) is clapping for them.

Eric Silwamba, Jalasi & Linyama Legal Practitioners is the law firm at the centre of bribing Supreme Court judges in the Stanbic Bank versus Savenda Management case. In this case, Silwamba’s law firm is representing Stanbic Bank.

At the same time and in the same Supreme Court there is an active case involving Stanbic bank and a Zambian businessman Mulenga Natwange. The full case is
Booker Bus Service Company Limited v Stanbic Bank Zambia Limited (SCZ/8/ 226/2014) [2014] ZMSC 97. Mr Natwange is the owner of Bookers Bus Services.

Disgustingly, Eric Silwamba is the lawyer for Bookers Bus Service in this case which is pending in the Supreme Court.

It is immoral, unethical and generally Satanic for a lawyer to represent two rival clients because there is a conflict of interest. A lawyer can only represent different clients in such cases if he/she obtains Informed consent from the client who is likely to be adversely affected when the lawyer goes to represent his rival. How can you serve two masters at the same time?

In this case, Bookers and Stanbic Bank are rival clients. In one case, Silwamba is fighting Stanbic on behalf of Bookers Bus Services; in the next case, Silwamba is meeting and receiving instructions from Stanbic to fight Savenda management. How can anyone know that Bookers Bus Service Interests are well taken care of by Eric Silwamba? The same Eric Silwamba who is bribing judges on behalf of Stanbic? Is not true as we are hearing already that Silwamba is pressuring his client to just pay Stanbic? Given what is known about Silwamba, can the client with less man survive? Can Silwamba honestly be expected to vigorously defend Bookers Bus Services against Stanbic when he has been vigorously defending Stanbic against Savenda?

We wonder what the role of the Law Association of Zambia is. Even the judges, can’t they honestly question such misconduct, or they are too busy counting the bribes from Silwamba? Because we cannot understand how LAZ and judges can condone such behavior.

And now we hear Jalasi is also about to be rewarded with chairmanship of some named parastatal, for what, perfecting bribery?

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