Siliya is wrong, it’s not Mutati to blame for MMD loss

Dear Editor,

I note with concern the sentiments in Today’s Post Newspaper attributed to MMD Party Spokesperson Dora Siliya where she has apportioned blame for MMD’s loss in the 20th September 2011 tripartite elections on Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Lunte MP Hon. Felix Mutati. Madam Dora is one person who exists in self-denial and she has failed to admit that the days of her glory are long gone. Mutati cannot be to blame for former President Rupiah Banda’s loss in Northern and Luapula Provinces. The MMD lost countrywide because the general public felt the party had elements who behaved like a bad tooth and bad smelling mouth which needed surgical attention if Zambians were to accept it to continue breathing. It is Madam Dora Siliya and others who behaved like that bad tooth and bad smelling mouth because each time she opened her mouth to speak, Zambians were nauseated. Now that former President Banda has resigned, it is time to cleanse the MMD, not with a fake broom but a broom that has been with the party all these years. It is time to extract this bad teeth and cure MMD of the bad-smelling mouth so that our words will be acceptable and not repelling to the Zambians.

The women of Zambia felt insulted whenever Madam Dora Siliya went on rampage saying unprintables about her former husband. The Zambian youth got incensed whenever she went about disrespecting corrupting public morals by preaching about the softness of her behinds. The challenge is for a renewal of the MMD and cleaning it as if it were a bad smelling mouth.

There is no way that we can expect to regain our lost ground with the likes of Dora Siliya remaining as Party Spokespersons. How would this be? Do we in the MMD think that Zambians have forgotten who the ‘DAMN GOOD MINISTER’ was under RB and have they forgotten the wounds of the Chirwa Tribunal? It is common sense that RB lost because, among other things, he embraced Dora Siliya when she corruptly got involved in dirty deals as Minister and this information is in public domain and yet she seeks to appear innocent? Let her apologize to the Zambian people for all her sins of omission and commission. It is sick for one to claim that RB lost in Lunte because Mutati did not organize the Party. What about Msanzala? Why did former President Banda choose to go to Gabon to watch soccer when the PF President and Republican President Michael Sata was busy campaigning for his Party in Msanzala?

Manouvers to find an interim President as opposed to a consensus President will be met with serious resistance because members want to go to the convention and elect a leader of their choice. Remarks about conducting elections in Provinces are a recipe for corruption and we are not going to give in to those moves. The calculation is for some members in the top leadership to impose a President on the party. It is enough that the national chairman is acting and whether it takes us one year to get to the Convention, so be it.

Albert Muma Musonda

MMD Provincial IPS

Northern Province

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