Simbao told voters there would be war if Sata won – witness

Simbao told voters there would be war if Sata won – witness

Kapembwa Simbao

A Lusaka high court has heard that former health minister in the Rupiah Banda led administration Kapembwa Simbao threatened that there would be war in Zambia if the PF was voted into power.

A witness said Mr. Simbao issued threats when he addressed the Senga hill electorate during the campaigns for last year’s general elections.

Giles Yambayamba said that Mr. Simbao in his alleged threats showed the electorate videos of wars and there devastating effects on people.

He further testified that Mr. Simbao after showing the electorate videos of war invited them for a feast were six cows were allegedly slaughtered.

Mr. Yambayamba further told the court that Mr. Simbao later on requested the voters to vote for them as he was a generous person.

It was also alleged that Mr. Simbao threatened the electorate in Senga hill that the distribution of subsidized farming inputs would stop if the PF government was voted into office.

Yambayamba said Mr. Simbao and his agents made several intimidating and degrading remarks about him and President Michael Sata during the campaigns.

He further alleged that Mbala District Commissioner at that time Lightwell Chongo who was employed as a civil servant was going round using a government vehicle telling people not to vote for the PF candidate.

This is in a petition case in which Mr. Simabo’s victory has been disputed in the court of law.

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