Simeza, Sangwa Associates challenged

THE Government has challenged lawyers, Simeza, Sangwa and Associates to raise any issues they may have against judges in court instead of undermining the judicial system by publicly attacking members of the bench.

Simeza, Sangwa and Associates wrote to Attorney-General Mumba Malila stating that Chief Justice Ernest Sakala and Supreme Court Judge Peter Chitengi had passed their retirement age and should not sit on the bench.

The lawyers said that the chief justice is not supposed to have heard an appeal in which they represented former Access Financial Services (AFS) directors, Faustin Kabwe and Aaron Chungu.

Justice Deputy Minister Todd Chilembo said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that there were procedures to be used by those aggrieved and that the media would not be the solution to resolving any misunderstanding.

“If there are issues our colleagues would like to raise, definitely it is not through the media but to go to court because insisting on using the media will just undermine the judicial system,” he said.

He said Simeza, Sangwa and Associates were raising legal issues, which should have been raised when they were given chance to do so in court and wondered why the issues were being raised through the media.

He said it was unfair for the legal practitoners to be attacking judges in the Press because the members of the bench were not able to defend themselves through the media.

“I also want to question if Simeza, Sangwa and Associates would have raised such issues if the case was ruled in their favour,” he said.

Simeza, Sangwa and Associates want the Chief Justice, Ernest Sakala and Mr Justice Peter Chitengi to leave office on account of them having gone beyond their retirement age.

The law firm stated that the two judges were holding office illegally after passing the retirement age.

Mr Malila said in a separate interview in Lusaka yesterday that he had received the correspondence from Simeza, Sangwa and Associates and was studying the complaint before he could comment.

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