Simuntanyi: All commissions of inquiry by Sata waste of public money

Simuntanyi: All commissions of inquiry by Sata waste of public money

The Centre for Policy Dialogue Executive Director Neo Simutanyi has charged that the commissions of inquiry constituted by President Michael Sata to investigate the alleged corruption activities by the MMD are a waste of public Funds.

And Dr. Simutanyi has urged President Michael Sata to desist from discrediting his cabinet ministers in public.

Dr. Simutanyi charges that none of the commissions of inquiry instituted to investigate corruption allegations have produced positive results.

He says the President could have allowed the investigative wings to do the job rather than wasting tax payer’s money on the commissions.

The CPD has further urged President Sata to stop embarrassing his ministers in public but should instead use a language that inspires the nation.

In apparent reference to President Michael Sata statements yesterday when he described the Commission of Inquiry report by Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu investigating the radar contracts for three international airports as useless, Dr. Simutanyi says it is wrong for the President to conclude that the commission of inquiry is useless when public funds were used.

He says the President should first study the report before making any statements on the outcome.

He says  attacking the minister based on  the report is an indication that the President had a pre-determined idea .

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