Simuntanyi reveals that fake ‘Bradford’ poll was done by Edgar Ngoma

Simuntanyi reveals that fake ‘Bradford’ poll was done by Edgar Ngoma

CENTRE for Policy Dialogue (CPD) executive director Neo Simutanyi has described an opinion poll published in the Post Newspaper yesterday that Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata would win Tuesday presidential elections by 55 per cent as bogus and based on street interviews.

And Simuntanyi has revealed that the lead ‘researcher ‘ of the fake poll was Edgar Ngoma. Edgar Ngoma publishes a newspaper called Weekly Angel around election times only. He made his money running a clearing agency called Angoni. He has a certificate in public relations and an honorary doctorate.

Dr Simutanyi said there was no evidence provided by some Zambian lecturers and the non-existent  Canada’s Bradford University on Mr Sata’s popularity. In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Simutanyi said the poll was conducted without basic understanding of how such surveys should be done.

He said opinion polls the world over would not mention the constituencies where a candidate would win polls because they merely provide a sample of the likely outcome of elections.

Dr Simutanyi said for the first time in the history of opinion polls, there were figures for candidates and described the publishers and researchers as desperate.

He said he was aware that the lead researcher, Edgar Ngoma conducted a similar fictitious poll in 2006 and its results favoured Mr Sata but the official results showed a totally different picture. Sources yesterday revealed that Mr Ngoma had also been commissioned to conduct another opinion poll in conjunction with the People’s Pact Forum and that the results would be released in the Post newspaper before the elections.

According to the sources, the Post wants the Zambian people to reject the election results after being cheated by the Post stories. The fictitious opinion stated that Mr Sata would receive 2,750,000 votes out of 5.5 million votes but Dr Simutanyi said he had never seen an opinion poll like that before.

He said the only way someone could produce such figures was when the actual voting had been conducted and wondered whether there had been an election to produce such results.  Dr Simutanyi said he had been conducting opinion polls since 2006 and that all his findings were reflected in the final results.

He wondered why the Post newspaper was wasting its time giving attention to Mr Ngoma who did not understand research. The Post newspaper yesterday published results of an opinion that was conducted in June to August 2011.

However, Dr Simutanyi said that was enough proof that the researchers were totally ignorant because opinion poll findings for that period could not apply a month afterwards because people’s opinions change with time.

He said people sponsoring Mr Ngoma were wasting their resources especially that he always came up with fake and misleading results. He challenged the researchers to state the methodology they used for the opinion poll.

Dr Simutanyi said he did not have any links with President Rupiah Banda for Mr Sata’s cadres and allies to insinuate that CPD was funded by the MMD to conduct an opinion poll.

He also said reports that he was fired by University of Zambia were a fabrication because he resigned as a lecturer on his own and that he intended to take legal action after the elections.

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