Simuntanyi says Zanaco will face Zamtel fate

Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) Executive Director Neo Simutanyi has joined the growing number of people condemning the  government for its savage and haphazard manner of dealing with foreign investment procured under the MMD.

Simuntanyi has charged that the outcome the commission of inquiry on the sale of ZANACO is pre-determined.

Speaking in an interview with QFM,  Simutanyi said prior to last year’s tripartite elections, the Patriotic Front promised to repossess Parastatal companies that were privatized by the MMD government.

Simutanyi has since stated that the ultimate fate of ZANACO will not be different from what has happened to Zamtel.

And Simutanyi has observed that the move by government to repossess Zamtel from LAP Green Networks of Libya is sending a wrong signal to the international community.

He said that the takeover of Zamtel should have been done in a coherent manner that would not have raised suspicions of political motives in the whole process.

He  further noted that government will now be faced with a challenge of compensating LAP Green as required by the international law.

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