Simusaa calls on Government to have labor statistics law

Patriotic Front Nchanga Member of Parliament (MP) Wlybur Simusaa has challenged Government to come up with a policy that will ensure it annually publishes consolidated statistics on the current employment levels, targets, and pledges by investors against actual jobs created.
Simusaa said there is need that labor statistics are prioritized so that the nation is able to know how many are in employment and how many are not.
He said the statistics will help the country in developing as a state’s economy can be measured by the increased in the labor force.
Meanwhile, Luena MP Charles Milupi aid labor statistics are a critical issue as they are a key economic indicator in nation.
Milupi said there is need to create high levels of employment and have statistics published so that we are aware of whether the economy is growing or not.
The Parliamentarian appealed to Government to uphold job creation and sustainability as such is uppermost.
Furthermore, Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa said the call for consolidated labor statistics is a step in the right direction.
Shakafuswa said the statistics will be of benefit to Zambia as the State will be able to know which sectors are driving the economy as they strive to create employment.
He said there is need for Government to engage local contractors for tenders as opposed to foreigners so that there more inflow than out flow of liquid cash.
Shakafuswa further noted that the labor statistics bill when passed will be of great assistance as it will show where we are succeeding and failing so that Government can intervene.

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