Simusamba tells off Chiliufya Tayali

EDITOR’S NOTE: Chilufya Tayali has an ongoing court case of rape.

As we stated earlier, we are under no obligation whatsoever to respond to Mr. Chilufya Tayali. And Mr. Tayali is not an officer of any law enforcement agency, local or international, for him to compel us to respond to his questions. Nonetheless we decided to respond to him and after this we hope he will instead concentrate on campaigning for his preferred candidate.

He alleges that HH went to South Africa. It is an open secret that Mr Hichilema has been in business for a long time. He has met and will continue to meet many organisations and individuals as a businessman and a politician. These freedoms of association and movement are accorded to Mr Hichilema by our constitution. If Mr Hichilema has done anything wrong during those alleged visits, surely we could have heard about it from the law enforcement agencies both in Zambia and South Africa. If Mr Tayali has any evidence of Mr Hichilema’s wrong doings with any foreign based organisations or individuals, as a good citizen, he should take such information to the police. As a political leader there is nothing that stops Mr Hichilema to meet other national leaders such as Dr Nevers Mumba and Dr Mumba dealt with this issue recently.

Again there is no law that compels us to reveal our political funders. It would be naive of us to reveal names of individuals and organisations assisting us when we know too well the nature of Zambian politics. Mr Tayali wants his sponsors to start harassing these noble men and women once we reveal their names. We can only say thank you to them for showing confidence in our ability to deliver a better Zambia. And this privacy clause is not unique to Zambia, even in developed countries, there are anonymous funders who just want the best for the country, so this again is a non-issue.

Actually this is what we would like to ask Mr Tayali to do, we would like him to ask the same questions to Mr Muliokela, Ms Edith Nawakwi, Mr Edgar Lungu, Dr Ludwig Sondashi and Brig Gen. Godfrey Miyanda among others, who is financing their campaigns. What is good for goose must surely be good for the gander. What we can assure Mr Tayali is that even if today there was a law to disclose HH’s campaign funds, we would not be hesitant to disclose them.

On Mr Hichilema’s business interests, Mr Tayali should exercise patience because as a requirement for filing in Presidential nominations, the candidate must declare what they are worth, asset wise. Mr Hichilema will disclose this information between the 17th and 19th of December this year, when he files in his nomination papers. Again Mr Tayali, PACRA is a public institution, please get there and check for the information you are asking Hichilema, we are campaigning.

On privatisation, four (4) presidents have come and gone without finding any wrong doing on the part of Mr Hichilema during the privatisation process. Mr Hichilema was never the principle government agent during the privatisation of any public asset. The privatisation process was a government programme. We encourage Mr Tayali to read Francis Kaunda’s book, Selling the family silver for him to better understand of the process of ZCCM privatisation. The mine in question that was sold to Binani has a very good account in that book, in summary it was the first mine the Task force led by Mr Kaunda sold and HH was no where near that mine or indeed any other mine that was sold. As a matter of fact Mutembo Nchito’s instructions on appointment by Mr Sata, he was specifically given instructions to investigate the privatisation of the same companies Mr Tayali is asking HH to explain, we are also waiting for the DPP to disclose any wrong doing and we dare him to do so. The Zambia Privatisation Agency was a public institution which means its records were and are accessible to the public. We can assure you that if you are looking for integrity, then HH is your man.

Kachunga E Simusamba
Deputy Secretary General

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